When People Push Your Boundaries

Setting boundaries is such a sign of growth and God working in our lives, and if anyone ever pushes back, man oh man, well then they were someone the boundary was obviously needed for. When we realize our worth, who we are in Jesus, and what behaviors we are to allow and not allow, we will start drawing a line in the sand and begin to not be okay with behaviors that we once welcomed. If someone isn’t happy with you making them, or starts making you feel guilty because of them, or telling you that “you have changed” because of them, it is a pretty good sign you should start making a clean break from them.

Friends, we are sons and daughters of the Most High! We might have not known who we were in Christ growing up, even as Christians, but God is available now to tear down all the lies spoken into your life that made you think you deserved the behavior you were or are taking, pour Truth IN, and build you back so marvelously in HIM. People who verbally, emotionally, and physically abuse do it because a) they have deep seeded issues from their own life that has caused them to act this way, and b) because people have allowed them to continue to act this way, and friends, it stops with us. We can’t allow people to continue on in this behavior. It not only hurts us and God working in our own life, but it prevents God exposing the sin in other people’s life. He is after not just our heart, but theirs, too. He doesn’t just want to heal ours, but theirs, too. And sometimes, our boundaries are the very thing that wakes people up, and shows them their behavior isn’t okay, in our lives, or in God’s eyes.

So if you are in situations or a relationship where you know you need to grow in this area, praise God, friend, because that is Him working and revealing that to you. We only know what we know, and sometimes, it takes a while to realize what we endure or are surrounded by just isn’t normal. So, invite God in. Get to know who you are in Him, and allow Him to give you strength in Him so you can put boundaries between you and them. And if you’ve made boundaries, and someone is pushing back, push them right out the door. Because they ain’t welcome here any more! 🙅🏼‍♀️